Turn your moments into lifelong memories

Turn your moments into lifelong memories

meMINI is a tiny wearable video camera that continuously records a loop of time, constantly deleting unwanted footage. meMINI allows you to enjoy your best moments, then save them in stunning HD Video. Using Recall™ you can save the moment just passed, up to 5 minutes ago.

Share genuine experiences with your family, friends or the meMINI community. Create albums and share your whole adventure.


Our Magnatach™ system and Recall™ technology make meMINI easy to wear, ensuring you never miss a moment. Saving your memories in stunning 1080 HD video will keep your moments lifelike, for life.


When it matters to you, it matters to have access to it. The meMINI smartphone app and website allow you unprecedented mobile access to view and edit your videos.


Our world is the people and environment that surround us. meMINI is a new way to share and experience media. Create your own channels to share or keep private. Allow others to see specific moments or the entire experience, its up to you how you share.


Be part of the experience with Recall™ saving the last few seconds of time you save moments, after they have happened.  


Discrete and simple, simply attach meMINI anywhere on your clothes using the magnetic backing plate.  

Smartphone app

Our smartphone app allows you to capture amazing moments, control your camera and explore the meMINI.com community.

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2014 May
30 May

Everything we do, we do for meMINI

Its been a big month at meMINI HQ, the team has been working hard, putting in big hours and getting very excited as all the elements of meMINI start to come together. We are currently verifying that our electronics, software, and plastic housing all fit and work together before we continue forward. This is what we call our DVT phase, or “Design Verification Test”.

PCBA’s: For the last 2 ...

29 May

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new meMINI website! We are excited to bring you all of the latest updates on this great little camera that we think will enrich your lives with the power to capture the memories you will treasure the most. The moments you didn’t know were coming.

Keep up to date on our News page and join us on Facebook for updates and videos. If you’ve been following meMINI, ...

2014 April
30 April

Product Updates

It has been a whirlwind couple of months since the campaign ended, and we have been working hard everyday to bring meMINI to life. We are excited to announce that we have still been able to overcome one of our original design limitations by customising our lens. This is a huge step for the team and is creating real momentum for us in other areas of development.

Customised ...

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