Introducing meMini’s HD video camera with Recall

Posted: May 15 2016

A history of video cameras

The very first video cameras were designed to produce TV shows and movies. These were all carefully scripted and staged to avoid wasting camera time, and more importantly, production time. You wouldn’t want to make Harrison Ford wait around now, would you?

As a result, TV productions and films all involved very large editing teams whose jobs consisted of whittling down vast amounts of video footage into the (somewhat excellent) movies and shows we see today.

Editing one minute’s worth of footage often took between one and three hours. This meant that an hour-long programme could take between 60 and 180 hours of editing. That’s right. 180 hours. Or as I’d like to think of it, a week’s holiday in Venice. Gondola ride, anyone?

HD video camera frustation

Why this doesn’t work for us

Now, let’s do a few simple calculations. The rest of us non-film stars don’t live in a predictable world where we know exactly what the next 5 minutes, days, or months will look like. Life doesn’t come with a script.

So when it comes to filming our special moments, we usually start recording well ahead, just to be in with a chance of getting that special moment. In fact, being the conscientious, risk-averse people that we are, we end up with HOURS worth of footage, just in case, you know, a raccoon jumps in through the window and starts eating that birthday cake, wreaking havoc with the wedding guests, or other unlikely but ultimately film-inducing scenarios.

Friends reference aside, here’s the breakdown: many of us DON’T have a team of editors to process that content, and we would all much rather be spending the week in Venice eating gelato than doing all that editing ourselves.

So what happens?

memories HD video cameras

That lovely video you spent so long recording gets lost in a dusty corner of your computer, locked into a back-up SD card or Hard Drive, long forgotten, and no longer relevant. We tell ourselves that we’ll edit it ‘later’, but of course, later becomes never, and your video just doesn’t see the light of day. So what do you do?

Never fear, meMini is here!

You, friend, will no longer have to worry about this. MeMini, being the awesome, world-changing video camera that it is (I mean, it can practically move mountains) will edit the video for you, while it’s happening. The result? You won’t end up with super long videos you don’t actually want.

But wait, how will these algorithms know what’s important to me??

You know the plot of I Robot, right? Well, our mutant algorithms can read your mind. Joke! Here’s how:

How you can capture better videos 

meMINI HD video cameras

Here are MeMini, we started from the ground (or lens) up and built a camera that operates on a completely different level to other cameras. You’ll have to rethink the way that you capture videos, but for the better. With MeMini, you’ll need to be in the present, not thinking of what the camera is doing. If at any moment you decide to save what just happened (maybe you just happened upon the Obamas or shared a quiche with Elon Musk...) the camera has an inbuilt, short term memory with up to five minutes of footage (it's adjustable) that you can choose to store at any time by pressing one button!

Dr Seuss moment quote

Dr Seuss once said that you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Today's cameras just don't use that retrospective ability. There’s no: “Wow, that was special, how about we save just that moment?” Instead, it’s all about having ‘backup shots’ and ‘extra footage’.

We also don’t truly understand the value of a moment unless we’re physically experiencing it in person.This requires a natural environment, where our friends and family are at ease. When you record experiences using traditional cameras, you end up capturing a performance, not a personality.

Here at meMini, we believe it's time to change the way we capture our moments on video. With an always-on camera that only ever retains a short period in its memory, if you decide that what just happened should be saved on HD video, it can be.

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