The best way to wear and mount a HD video camera

Posted: Jun 22 2016

About the technology

Rather than fill this post with technical jargon and revolutionary talk of how we’ve created something never seen before, let's just throw some good old-fashioned honesty onto the table.

We fitted some magnets into the back of the camera and then encased the rest in hardened, non-toxic rubber to create what we call a backing plate. We ensured that the polarity of the magnets was such that they would attract each other, come rain or shine. And this was the foundation for Magnatach.


HD video camera magnetic attachment system wearable

Why Magnatach?

We were tired, as consumers ourselves, of buying a product, only to have to go out and purchase additional mounts, SD cards and other technical items to make the camera do what it said it would do on the box.magnet hd video camera

We want our products to work as well as possible, right out of the box. We tested various other products in our research and found that none of them gave us the versatility we were looking for, so we started testing magnets and found they were the best - no singular mounting system worked as well as magnets on such a wide range of applications. And this system needed a name: Magnatach.


The result

While it’s been a challenging journey, we are incredibly happy with the outcome. We knew there would be no one way to wear or mount the camera for all situations, so we immediately sought after creating a something that would enable users to adapt the camera to a range of mounts that are readily available on the market today. What we have now is an easy-to-use, high-quality HD Video camera that stands at the helm of innovative technology.


Wearing the HD Video Camera

Height & Body Shape

The key to using Magnatach for first timers is to think about your height and body shape and consider where the subjects of your videos will be. The HD video camera has a wide field of vision, but it is slightly narrower vertically due to the 16:9 ratio. You’ll need to take this into consideration if your subject is not level with the positioning of the camera, angling it upwards or downwards. We have found this particularly important when filming children.

Clothing choices

If you are going to be wearing thin, light clothes, the camera might move around a bit, making for unstable footage. It may be worth considering dressing in a tighter shirt underneath a loose piece of clothing and having the magnetic plate behind that shirt.

Your final consideration is how thick should the material be? Anything thicker than 5-8mm will reduce the attraction of the magnets and weaken their hold. If you’re not planning on doing any jumping jacks, you should be okay.


If its just not going to work with your current choice of fashion or function, add something to put it onto, a hat or scarf will make great additions to sandwich between. If you heading out for the day, try putting it on the straps of your pack or in winter you can put the magnetic backing plate inside your glove and have the camera in the palm of your hand, on and ready for anything that might happen. 

Included lanyards

The lanyards provided with the HD video camera can be used to attach the camera around your neck, or they can be used to provide an added level of security by attaching the camera around your neck with Magnatach or without, and they can link the camera to the backing plate.

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