Take a moment … and meet the meMINI smart camera!

This small, user-friendly camera enables you to capture those special, once-in-a-lifetime moments spontaneously and stress-free.  

Since the meMINI is always on … you no longer have to be focused on being that impromptu, speed-of-reality videographer. You can relax, savor those unique experiences, and generate up to five-minute HD videos for posterity. And since you don’t have to worry about the “before,” the meMINI makes the “present” better and the “past” last forever … because you’ve got it! meMINI HD video camera


The meMINI was created due to my own frustrations of never being ready to get those candid, rare, and extraordinary “slices of life” on tape. It seemed that every time I would put my camera down, the atmosphere would relax and something great would happen, and I would miss getting it on camera it. So I created meMINI it to solve my personal dilemma of always missing that spectacular moment.

This tiny camera is always on, but it only keeps what you tell it to save, and it can save any length fo time from 6 seconds to 5 minutes. It automatically eliminates the unwanted recorded material if you don't press the Recall button, so it only keeps the best and deletes the rest.

Only the beginning 

Our goal is to bring products to market that are worth “wow”! My team and I are always working toward evolving our camera and its mobile application software. This is only the beginning for the meMINI.


Sam Lee,

CEO and Founder,


meminī - I remember; am mindful of

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