Here are some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about he meMINI HD video camera. If you have any specific questions not mentioned here, send an email message to us at info [at]


How much video does the memory hold?

The camera has 8GB of storage and the amount of video it can record depends on what resolution you have set in the camera.

At 1080p, it will hold 213 minutes or 3 hours and 33 minutes of video. If the resolution is 720p, then the camera can hold 284 minutes of video or 4 hours and 44 minutes. 


Whats Recall and why is this different from a normal video camera?

However, the meMINI camera does not record forwards like a traditional camera; it runs in a buffering mode or as we call it, Recall mode, whenever its turned on.

The camera stores video in a temporary memory which can hold as little as 6 seconds or up to 5 minutes (you can adjust this using the free smartphone application for iOS and Android). Whenever something happen’s that you want to save, you can press the Recall button on the camera or use the remote button on the App to activate Recall.

When Recall is activated, the segment of time (up to 5 minutes) that just happened, will then be saved as a HD video, and the camera continues recording in Recall mode so you can save another video if something else happens.

Some like to think of it as a time machine that allows you to go back to save the moment just passed. Normal video cameras, you must press record before something happens to save it, but now, with meMINI you can press Recall after it has happened.


What do the LED’s mean?

You may have noticed a few LEDs on your meMINI camera by now… so what do they all mean? Here’s a quick reference for you…


I cannot seem to connect my device to the camera?

Power on the camera, once operating, tap the power button once to manually start the Wifi. Then look for the meMini’s Wi-fi network in your device's connection settings and connect to it. It may take up to 30 seconds to become visible on your smartphone. Once you have finished using the camera with your smartphone, you can tap the power button again to turn the cameras Wi-Fi off.

The password for the meMINI Wi-Fi network is: 12345678


All three LED’s have gone solid and I cant seem to work the camera?

In this instance you must force the camera to shutdown as it has crashed. Simply hold down the power button for 10 seconds and the camera will shutdown. It is best to wait a minute or two before restarting the camera.


Do I have to keep the smartphone app open to use the camera? 

No you do not. You can use the camera independently of your smartphone. Your smartphone is used to adjust settings in the camera, frame your shots using the viewfinder and to transfer your videos to your smartphone over Wi-Fi.


The camera is putting out some heat… is that normal? 

Yes. Capturing HD video full-time can definitely make the meMINI camera run a bit warm as the processor is working hard, but rest assured that our devices have all been independently inspected and are within tolerances for heat. We have found that using the camera with Wi-Fi turned off (tap the power button until the blue LED goes off) makes it run a bit cooler.


Will the magnet affect my computer hardware?

No. However, you should keep the magnet away from credit cards and other cards with a magnetic stripe.


Is the meMINI camera waterproof? 

No, but it definitely is “water resistant”.  Which means you can splash it, but you cannot submerge it…  


All the lights are blinking after I updated the firmware?

Please contact our customer support team at support [at] for more technical support top resolve this issue.


I am having problems with the wireless connection from my phone to my camera

This can and is often caused by interference, the meMINI Camera can experience a brief “drop out” if there is interference and this can often cause your phone to revert back to your home Wi-Fi or other known Wi-Fi network, and not re-connect to the camera. In these instances you will need to manually reconnect to the camera.

If you see one of the following, check for wireless interference:

  • Low signal strength in the Wi-Fi menu when selecting the camera
  • Downloads that pause or a delay of greater of than 10 seconds in the viewfinder
  • Slower than normal file transfers between the camera and phone over Wi-Fi
  • Inability to connect over Wi-Fi
  • Intermittent "connection lost" messages
Sources of interference

These things can cause interference with Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices if they are nearby.

Microwave ovens

Using your microwave oven near your meMINI Camera might cause interference.

Direct Satellite Service (DSS)

The coax cable and connectors used with some types of satellite dishes can cause interference. Check the cabling for damage that could cause radio frequency interference (RF leakage). Try replacement cables if you suspect interference.

Power sources

Certain external electrical sources like power lines, electrical railroad tracks, and power stations can cause interference. Avoid using your meMINI Camera near power lines in a wall, or near a breaker box.

2.4 GHz or 5 GHz phones

A cordless telephone that operates in the 2.4 GHz range can cause interference with your meMINI Cameras Wi-Fi while taking calls.

Wireless RF video 

Wireless video transmitters that operate in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth can cause interference.

Wireless speakers

Wireless audio that operates in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth can cause interference.

Certain external monitors and LCD displays

Certain displays can emit harmonic interference, especially in the 2.4GHz band between channels 11 and 14. This interference might be stronger if you're using a notebook computer with the lid closed and have an external monitor connected.

Poorly shielded cabling

External hard drives or other devices with poorly shielded cabling can interfere with your Camera’s Wi-Fi. If disconnecting or turning off the device appears to help, try replacing the cable that connects the device to your computer.

Other wireless devices

Other wireless devices that operate in the 2.4 GHz bandwidth (microwave transmitters, other wireless cameras, baby monitors, a neighbour’s Wi-Fi device) can cause interference with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.

 Some devices might not specifically state that they operate in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band. The product's documentation should indicate the bands the device uses to operate. These might be referred to as "Dual Band" or "Wi-Fi" or "Wireless" devices.

You can also download a Wi-Fi scanner to your computer for free such as and you can see all the different Wi-Fi networks and what effect they may be having.


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