meMINI HD Video Camera - Free Shipping

$ 179.00

Picture one of these scenes: Your child speaks for the first time, or you've just spotted a public official in a compromising position, or you just happen to bump into your favourite celebrity. Of course, you would want to capture all these moments on video. However, unless you would happen to have your camera turned on and recording, it's unlikely that you would have been able to record it.

meMINI is an HD video camera that is always recording; however, its 2 stage memory system means that it's only holding a few seconds or minutes, waiting for those special moments when you have spotted something worthy of saving. If nothing happens and haven't pressed the Recall button, then no video is permanently saved, and the camera memory is free for the next time you use it. There is no amount of editing that can be as compelling as a glimpse of something out of the ordinary, and there is no camera that is more likely to catch that glimpse except for one that keeps rolling, such as, the meMINI. 

The meMINI uses Ambarella and Sony imaging technology to produce the best possible 1080 HD video. It also has wireless capabilities for easy transfer and sharing to iPhone's only.

Mounting systems included with every camera. 

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